Games Code Lyoko

Description: Laboratory of Biological young team has just released a new study, they conducted experiments on frogs. However, the upcoming presentation on frogs that had been fraudulently by X.A.N.A _ opposing team. To quickly complete the study, the team needs to reach the control tower of X.A.N.A and spend them in the fastest time. Responsibility is assigned to Lyoko.
User Password Lyoko game.

How to play: Use the arrow keys to move Lyoko, Z keys for close combat (not by hand) and X keys to non-fans. However Lyoko is a very dangerous absolute way, hold down X then release to launch attacks Nhe! When complete, the Special comment was added using an absolute way, for more times, then use the absolute way to eat is raised Lyoko shaped ball lightning. Shield is the blood of Lyoko. Please help Lyoko !


The protagonist of us !

1.Jeremy Belpois                                               
Jeremy is the person you called a nerd or Einstein as the others in the group call. One special ability in Science and a computer genius. He is the driver of supercomputers and observe the trappings of X.A.N.A safely from his position in the control room. Jeremy was also saved by Aelita Lyoko andanxious to help her escape to her human form. Aelita not only adapt to new life, Jeremy was helping her to learn about her past. In the film Aelita Jeremie love.

2.Aelita Hopper
Aelita is the son of Franz Hopperr. As a person inherit her mother's hair. One day two men are strangers to the home of Aelita (this time her mother died). At that time the father and son has fled to his laboratory over the sewer line and there he and Aelita came virtual world-Lyoko is managed by sophisticated computer program X.A.N.A. But X.A.N.A was broken, and it intends to conquer the Earth, beginning with the father and son against Aelita. In the first, Aelita is considered as a complex computer program, not just the first part of the film nguoi.Cuoi, Jeremie has programmed a program Aelita materialized on Earth. But X.A.N.A deleted a section Aelita's memories in a film, Aelita is considered as custodian Lyoko. Aelita hiding in the tower to avoid the attacks of X.A.N.A and Jeremie tells about the heat pulse by X.A.N.A sent to activate the tower. She was the only one able to use your fingerprint as a password to stop the tower. But when the jellyfish of X.A.N.A stolen memory loss, when Aelita entered the code using their fingerprints, territory that the tower will disappear Power of Aelita is a force field (Jeremy had programmed for her strength in the first episode of the second) and creativity: she can create things on Lyoko. Aelita did not have transportation, but she knows to use all other means. In particular, in Lyoko she has wings (the wings are also programmed by Jeremy at three of the film) Aelita has particularly good relations with Jeremie even know Jeremie Aelita is a virtual creature in human form Lyoko but obviously always liked Aelita Jeremie. Knowing Aeilita also has a family and was a real person on earth, Jeremie was very happy. In Part 2 of the film, has married Ulrich Aelita Aelita is always present with pink clothes and pink accessories and course notes are with her. Aelita is very stubborn, she thought it right, nobody can stop.

XANA (also known as Xana or XANA) is a program of artificial intelligence (AI) but the program was broken, it's conspiracy to control the Earth with the powerful strategy of destruction. After a battle with five heroes (Jeremy, Aelita, Yumi, Odd and Ulrich), Lyoko XANA escaped and fled into the digital sea. Computers can now attack XANA then anytime from anywhere in the world: the Earth is in terrible danger ... But thanks to the genius of Jeremy and Aelita's help, territory Thursday was reprogrammed. From this territory Yumi, Aelita, Odd and Ulrich can get into the digital sea. From now on, the only way to find XANA is to explore digital network ... However, since XANA creates a jellyfish to turn into a man of his Aelita, Aelita off when the tower in any territorial any territory, territory that will disappear. Jeremie is always looking to live the illusion of Aelita, Yumi, and Ulric ood No. 5 on the territory as if all of the territory are disappearing, the hero will not swear on the territory of five letters anymore , and then, XANA would triumph song. XANA arrested Wiliam and control him to beat the hero when Wiliam on Lyoko to fight alongside the heroes first. X.A.N.A hidden in the Wiliiam.

4.Ysyama Yumi
Yumi is a girl of Japanese descent to study at school Cadic as a boarding student.She was the oldest member of their group. Yumi is a girl who is good at martial Eikido. She wassmart, but no less stubborn. Yumi is a very good-looking appearance. She is not sweet gentle asAelita, she is very strong and bravery. She enjoys Ulric, but always pretended not care. Yumi is theclass time is different from the other members of the group, so sometimes she was having troublegoing to help you fight XANA On Lyoko, Yumi's weapon is the ability to remote control and a fan ofthe Japanese. Her outfit on Lyoko is a traditional Japanese kimono, but has been less compact.Yumi is a means of skis. Aelita is also occasionally used cars by Yumi. Yumi gets angry easily. 2people she dislikes the most is Xixi and Wiliam. She was married Ulric on Lyoko. And as agreed,this kiss will be kept private between two children only. Yumi always dressed in black, black eyesand black hair spots.

Ood is a young guy ... instant cyclone within the group. He is slightly smaller stature. In the first episode, her hair is so straight ood, but since he Lyoko, OOD has changed his mind proud to "Style Lyoko" is a stand up form a burning fire. He ate a lot, but never high up floating. Ood or impatient to do things. But you're always proud, although he was not really good. He can score ... bad, but he never seemed interested in that. Ood girl spreading love, and he was also very instrumental in this.Ood not know when to be a girl than 3 days. You get bored very soon. He runs extremely fashionable and also spotted appearance. Ood or speech joke and not even thinking machines. He is always very carefree and never worry about anything, no matter how important that is. But OOD always help your friends know when you need him. Ood also dislike Xixi. Ood has a dog named Kiwi. It looks strange than any dog. But ood trade it to the point when you take it with you to school Cadic, although a school Cadic animals prohibited. Ood on Lyoko outfits as well as in the real world is a purple full set.His weapon was the arrow la-de, and the ability to prophesy. Vehicles of the OOD is a sheet of purple skateboard. Ood very easy. He was always happy with what he is.

Ulric as he looks you the most good-looking group. Ulric quiet and rarely angry with anyone. He did not learn how better ood, ood, but differs from, he is always trying to improve your score up. The reason he tried so because of his father. Dad always wanted you to be the best. Yumi Ulric for a very special feeling. Ulric and OOD as roommates. Sometimes Ulric prickly OOD also because high self-indulgence and, if it is heavier than your very own mind. Ulric is a football genius. He tried to practice good most of the sport in order to offset the number of subjects need to head. Ulric Eikido also very good at, but not yet reached the host of competitors like Yumi. He falls in love with Yumi from the first meeting. Both the second test against each other, and Yumi have to override the Ulric his victory. Ulric's Lyoko attire is the dress on the Samurai. He has a sword as a weapon. In addition he also has Super sprint, Human Ba ​​and Triangle. His means that a motor vehicle wheel. He always proved resourceful in the fight against X.A.N.A.

William moved to the Cadic mid section 2 of the movie. William classmates with Yumi. He is affectionate and always pursue Yumi. This makes both Yumi and Ulric feel uncomfortable. William always had a sense of Lyoko and adventures of youth groups. Near the end of 2, William knew the whole truth. But when the party vote to decide whether to William joined the group, then the Yumi, who voted against. William said on Lyoko, but he did not say, but also support groups you what you can before the attacks of XANA At the end of part 2, William was accepted as a Lyoko Warrior. But from the first fight on Lyoko, XANA he was captured and controlled. Since then, William became the most powerful minions of XANA Jeremie required to activate a tower to coordinate the first author William, while William was stuck in Lyoko. William looked very handsome, and very Galang women.Weapons of William is a peach tree, in addition to smoke and super-remote possibility with smoke.William looks so handsome should also be pleased the girls.